How To Get A Payday Loan Even With Bad Credit

Many times people wonder how they can get a payday loan even with bad credit. In this high paced world we leave in today, and that is characterized by a constantly increasing cost of living, it is no wonder that very many people are often met with financial crises and desire to be given a short term payday loan irrespective their bad credit history. The reasons for you wanting a payday loan may range for as simple as having a flat tire to medical emergency like sprained joint or broken bone. You may come to realize that you do not have enough cash, or that your needs may be a little long time, and you are not in a position to take care of them, and to make matters worse your credit card is maxed out or you do not posses one.

Following these tips will increase your chances of getting a payday loan even with bad credit.

Realize the difficulty of the task- it is very difficult to get yourself a payday loan with bad credit. Nevertheless, most of those who apply for payday loans have bad credit. Make this your point of advantage every time you feel like you need a payday loan when facing difficult financial times.
Have an income that is steady for the lender to see- to increase your chances of getting a payday loan irrespective of your bad credit; it is important that you have a steady income of at least $1200 p.m. most of these companies offering payday loans only need to see that you are capable of making the payments in time. In case you do not meet this requirement, then they need you to at least have a job where they will be capable of allotting the payments from your paycheck.
Search online- this give you an opportunity to meet the many online payday loan companies that can give you loan even with your bad credit history. Complete their online applications, and in case approved fax them the following documents:

Recent pay-stub
Complete bank statement
Copy of your ID (state issued)
Your social security card copy
Recent telephone bill
A voided check

Avoid asking for too much money- in case you are making your first loan application with that company; ask for only $100 to $200. Asking for more will make the company doubt your capability of paying back the loan.


Go for unsecured loan- acquiring this loan is a bit easy, and can be awarded to you whether you have an employment direct deposit or not. You only need to visit a payday loan center with the requirements written above to get started. All that may be required of you is a confirmation that you earn an income. These loans are simply credit extensions whereby the borrower’s assets are not used as collateral for the loan agent or debtor, and instead funding is guaranteed for a promise of future payment.

There are different types of these unsecure loans, which include:

Payday loans- these are temporary loans secured with a promise to repay through your next paycheck. They are characterized with high fees and interest rates when making initial installments, or retroactive in case the payments are not secured by your next payday. They are good for emergencies that occur unexpectedly. The high fees charged make them unsuitable for repeat users or long time solutions. The amount of loan varies from some hundreds to around a thousand dollars, and is often secured by just a signature and a few paystubs. It is normally awarded within 24 hours of application.

Credit card- many of them require the borrower to have good credit, and often carry very few fees and very low interest rates. Nevertheless, there are a few that give loans to those with bad credits. There disadvantages are that in case you have a bad credit, you may have to part with monthly user fees and high interest rates, and have a very small limit.

Bank Over-Draft- this works best if you have an automatic payment from your checking account, or you have written, through that bank too many checks. They are charged interest depending on the institution contract or may include payment in good faith, whereby you will be required to deposit some money as soon as possible to cover your debt.

Payday advance- they may be directly secured through your institution of banking. It only requires three or more months of direct deposit of regular paycheck made by your employer. They charge little, if any fees. It is risky in that in case your paycheck becomes smaller or you loose your job, your banking institution may automatically withdraw your loan amount, and any loan unpaid becomes an overdraft fee together with advancement and interest fees.
they are government or commercial bonds that are long term, normally a year, and purely for commercial use. They are good in case you have poor credit, and planning to start a business but do not have the money.

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